Face of street

Face of street

I have tried to tell the story of Ram das a migrant worker from a small town in Bihar, India, was recalling his horrendous experience during the Covid-19 lockdown in Kolkata, where he had migrated with his family to work as a casual construction laborer. His anxieties about returning to his hometown in Bihar. In Kolkata he had been stuck for 40 days with little food and money. Reflecting those of the large numbers of Migrant workers who migrate from remote, rural regions of Bihar to big cities in West Bengal & Assam. According to me, heroism does not always mean an act of bravery. Heroism is also staying strong during the harsh strong times and taking care of all his responsibilities. In my eyes he is a Hero, who fought the hunger, poverty along with the virus. This shot was taken in Kolkata, West Bengal near Esplanade bus stand, were hundreds of workers were waiting and trying just to be on a bus that leaves for Bihar. I am into street photography, I was there documenting the scene where I took this shot, after taking the shot, I had a little chat with hum were he told me his name, what he does and how he is surviving the lockdown with his wife and children and for how many days he is trying to return to his hometown. In a bid to contain the spread of corona virus infection, the government of India announced a nationwide lockdown in March. But what followed over the next few months was the exodus of migrant workers from cities to their native places. In the absence of any mode of transportation, these migrant laborers embarked on long and perilous journeys on foot, walking thousands of kilometers, often without food.


India, Kolkata

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